Sun Devil Promotions Builds Skills With Focused Coaching

Sun Devil Promotions' President discussed the firm's foundation of learning and how team members are prepared for lasting success. He also highlighted the benefits of investing in professional development.

A strong foundation of learning is a primary reason for Sun Devil Promotions’ ongoing growth. Oscar G., the company’s President, explained that from each new hire’s first moments on the job, he or she is given hands-on experience with real outreach campaigns. By receiving introductions to the company’s progressive consulting and marketing services right out of the gate, new team members quickly develop confidence in their abilities. 

No one is expected to muscle through outdated manuals or watch training videos when they join Team Sun Devil Promotions. Incoming associates build their communication and business 101 skills in real-world settings, which makes their growth even more rewarding. Oscar noted that this immersive approach is the ideal beginning to a fulfilling career.

People are encouraged to tap into their unique talents and defy their own expectations around the Sun Devil Promotions office. Going beyond comfort zones by traveling and pursuing high benchmarks are key elements of the firm’s developmental approach. Just as importantly, everyone has ownership of their career journeys, which means they’re empowered to reach their full potential by leveraging their special skills.

Sun Devil Promotions’ President on the Benefits of Investing in Professional Development

There are some specific benefits that come with a strong focus on professional growth through ongoing training. One of the most obvious, in Oscar’s estimation, is a more engaged and productive team. He noted that members of Team Sun Devil Promotions know there’s always a new educational opportunity around the corner, so they’re excited to keep pushing forward in their career journeys. The fact that there are clear pathways to advancement make the firm’s associates even more inspired to challenge themselves to learn new things.

The firm’s commitment to ongoing development also means more promotions from within. With a group of high achievers constantly refining their skill sets, Sun Devil Promotions leaders know they have a capable batch of future leaders in their office at all times. Not only does this bolster retention, it makes recruitment of top talent easier.

New hires begin sharpening their leadership abilities right out of the gate, knowing they’ll have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities in short order. This makes for an empowering work culture that fuels success and encourages people to set the bar higher with every achievement. 

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